Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rrrrr, Givenchy!

Hello lovely people!
Hope you had a great week and having a great week-end!
I'm kind of sick and really tired these days, so I took a couple of days off blogging, but now I'm back and with all the sun we had (because yes it's actually raining right now.. ) you can expect outfits posts! I know it's been a while, but these days I'm very often in sport clothes which isn't very nice to see.
I want to share something with you because I'm really excited about it. I'm going to spend 6 weeks in another Canadian province, I'm going there to work and practise my English, 'cause if you hadn't noticed I make mistakes when I write because my first language is French baby. I really hope they'll send me in BC it would be amazing! Anyways, I have to study my exams are coming closer and closer and after I have my prom!
Where I live it's not at all like the ones in U.S. like nothing comparable. I saw with school this week the movie Prom from Disney. I thought it was better than a math class, but wow it was so cliché! I mean come on. The end of the story was so much obvious that at least half the people who were there fell asleep. I concede that it was funny to watch, but it just made me realise that our prom is not going to be like that at all. Did I mentioned that our parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives are invited? You can imagine! I'm going to bring you pictures off this wonderful night!

On a more fashion note, I wanted to show you the Givenchy RTW Fall 2011, because I previously told you about it. I love Givenchy and this collection was awesome. I love the colors, fabrics and the panthers (grrrr?). Bref, I love Givenchy :)
Have a good week with plenty of sun!
Love ya!

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