Friday, 25 March 2011


There's so many talent on this planet. And this guy blew me away for real. I mean, he took some collections and did those amazing montages of the different Fashion Weeks. I'm literally speechless, dude he made this look deadly gorgeous! Check out his blog it's crazy! He's like of a fashion version of Tim Burton, but from Belgium.

Paris Fashion Week
Christian Dior, Alexis Mabille, Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

New York Fashion Week
Issac Mizrahi, Jeremy Scott, Ralph Laurent, Marc Jacobs.

Milano Fashion Week
Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Moschino, Francesco Scognamiglio.

London Fashion Week
Danielle Scutt, Louise Gray, House of Holland, Antonio Berardi

Remember when I was so stocked to see the 90th anniversary of French Vogue (here) ??? Well, I think that the vampire version is quite impressive!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bad Girl

What a BAD BAD BAD blogger I've been lately! I totally lost track of time and I've been so busy ,and I still am, that I didn't post anything! And I'm soooooooo sorry :(

So I decided to show you that I still think of fashion even if I do not write anything here, which I'll try very hard will be rare. I went last Saturday to Ottawa Fashion Week for the third time in my life. I went with two friends, one who also appear to have a blog, and another one who attended Fashion Week for her first time. I was so much fun! Even if we had to pay 40 bucks to see the back of the head of some important VIP's. We managed to see everything and the 40$ was worth it. We also saw a friend who was modelling. She did three runways out of 6 and she was really good, I wish her good luck to Milan :)
Anyway we had fun playing fashionistas (even if you Chu don't want to dress like a Anna Dello Russo I know you love to dress up!) and watched beautiful persons to wear beautiful clothes.

Jess and myself (stolen from Chuck N.)

Emily and Anastasia, Adrian Wu, Rachel Sin (my friend is the one with the golden jacket), Nu!

I wish I had the chance to see Adrian Wu which was Sunday night I saw the pictures and it looked incredible! The three others we probably my favorite designers of the night with ElizBourk.
You know I have loads of problems with my camera, but before leaving for the event I realise I had no camera that my mom was gone with it to some other village far away in some lost region in Québec, I mean great. So the pictures are not from me but from other photographers who were there, which is quite a good thing because mine would have been horrible!
Hope you'll all have a nice week-end I'll post something very soon :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Quick, quick, quick post in my life that's going way too much faster for me. It's actually really hard to find some time to write something intelligent between all the things that I have to do. The term's over which means that from now I'll have more time for you lovely persons who are reading my blog.

I'm so thrilled it's unbelievable! I have an awesome week-end that's coming, and it's starting tomorrow because my teachers will be too tired to try to teach tomorrow cause of the parents meeting tonight, which is perfect for me. And it's Ottawa Fashion Week that's starting tomorrow too, I went last season and I had a blast. I'm going Saturday with friends, it's gonna be great. you can expect many pictures!! And Sunday I have a volleyball tournement, it's our last before the regionals and I can't wait, but it's quite sad cause it's my last year. Anyways I'll a great week-end.

Furthermore, as you all know I was making a magazine for a school project and it's done! I have camera problems, but I'll try too put pictures really soon! My friend did this awesome magazine too named Aloof and you MUST see it. I mean, he did a professional's job it's insane! You can see the post about his work here. I think he has a real talent, GO AND SEE!!

My last word goes to all the Irish like me :) Happy St.Patrick's day! Wear a lot of green and spread the love!
I found this picture on a wins/fails web site and I could not resist, I had to show you. I mean who wouldn't want his bear full of leprechauns?? Leprechauns are fantastic. Or you can see it as a lot of Lucky Charms . But you only eat the marshmallows! That's my child's side... NOT ASHAMED!
I chose some pictures with green in them to keep the concept!

Enjoy your week-end guys :)
Proenza Schouler rtw Spring 2011. Not the typical Irish green, but still green and beautiful!
Marni rtw autumn 2011. For the jacket which is stunning!
Givenchy rtw 2011. I love Givenchy one of my favorite designers this collection was incredible!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Habillée pour...

Last night I watched the special 10 years of Habillé(e)s pour! It was really great, all the collection of the 10 past years, with special enterviews with models or designers. There was exclusive things, it was really fun to watch! I loved the Tom Ford part, and how it ended with YSL.
There's a little preview, may be you'll love to watch it too. It's in French though, but you can still enjoy the beauty of fashion :)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 RTW

Hello everyone!
I know, I know I've been pretty busy the two past weeks, I had a lot of things to do for school, like my personal project, but I'm done now!
Can't wait to show you my magazine!! But before, I just wanted to show you the Fall 2011 RTW Chanel collection, which is gorgeous as always! I love Chanel, it's so chic and classic, but still very beautiful.

All pictures from!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Take A Bow

Paris Fashion Week, all eyes were on the Dior house. After all the commotion after the Galliano thing all the fashion world is wondering what is going to happen with this label. It's sad because Dior was one of my favorite label, and I loved Galliano's work, but I don't think that what he said was right.
Well, everyone was anticipating this show. Dior is known for his extravagant hair and makeup, but it was rather solonel. Before the show, the CEO of Dior made a long speech in French about the values of the house. And the show began. It was acclaimed by everybody, not only because the clothes were very beautiful, but to give an hommage to the label. It ended with the whole atelier coming on stage. Stand up ovation.
Many experts think it's the end of Dior, I hope it's not. I left you with some looks of the show, enjoy it like it was the last, as it may be.

The wonderful Karlie Kloss opened the show in a very dramatic way.

The Dior atelier. I'm bowing at you all.

More info and pictures here.