Thursday, 28 April 2011

Space and Magic

Hello everyone :) I hope you're enjoying your week so far!
Right now I'm overwhelmed, like soooooo much. You all must know that I'm a total dork when it comes to Harry Potter I've read all the books in French and English and watched all the movies so many times that I can't even count it. So you can imagine how I was feeling when I saw the trailer for the second part of the last movie. Of course I'm thrilled to see how they managed to put this amazing book in movie, but I'm also very sad, like I wanted to cry (but I didn't ahah) because it means that it's really the end. I was sad when I finished the seventh book so I'm sure I'm going to cry at the end. I really anticipate it and I'm really excited so I decided to show you the trailer. And to all the Harry Potter fan : I know how you feel!

On a more fashion note I decided to show you a collection that was a bit dark to fit with Harry Potter. I decided to take the Erdem Fall 2011 RTW. It's not really dark but there's a lot of black and I think it look a bit like space, galaxies and stars, and I think it's really cute. I actually want many pieces of the collection.
I wish all guys a great evening dreaming about stars, space and childhood heroes :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Another Brick In The Wall

OK. I had the hardest time taking pictures! First of all I went outside and it started raining. Great. Next the stupid camera decided she wanted to do what she wants and blanked at every 30 seconds. But I managed to take some decent pictures. Being a good blogger I tried to do something different and changed my picture spot. It's hard because I don't have anybody to take picture of me (thank you timer).
Enough of complaining, tonight I'm going to see a hockey game with friends. We're going to support our local junior team in the finally of the league win win win . What's nice with junior hockey is that it is really affordable!
You don't know how much I love my new lipstick. So red and intense but I love it.

Outfit details: Sweater: Topshop / Pants: Ricoto / Socks: Joe Fresh / Shoes: Vintage

Friday night I'm going to the ballet. I've only been once and it was with school to see the Nut Cracker years ago. I'm going to see Wonderland by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It's actually a modern version of Alice in Wonderland but on pointes. CAN'T WAIT!!
By the way, thanks to all my new followers and all the sweet comments. Your support means everything :)

Friday, 22 April 2011


You guys all know my passion for ahah. But, yes again, I went on their site I found those pictures put together to create an image about androgyny fashion. It's an idea that occurred me very little except for the boyfriend jeans, but it made me realise it was bigger than I thought. The men dressed with ladies Haute Couture collections and vice versa. At first sight you wouldn't think it's women's clothes. Not at all. But when you compare you clearly see it. Anyways I realise that's why I love fashion so much. For the craziness and the freedom of spirit and taste.

Dolce and Gabbana VS...
Brian Boy

Comme des Garçons VS...
Taylor Tomasi Hill

Balmain VS...
James Golstein

Celine VS...
Kanye West?


p.s. Happy Easter everyone! Won't have the chance to write more this week-end, so enjoy the time with your family!

Monday, 18 April 2011

La Femme Lanvin

Oh que oui, je suis une femme Lanvin!
I always thought that the Lanvin collections were great, always love the simplicité of the brand. And God thanks, he did it again. And I loveeeee the mysterious look those hats give. The volume and the mix of the styles make the whole thing look gorgeous!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

God Save The Queen

Being an inhabitant of Canada means having a part of his heart in England. This part in my heart was for a long time dedicated to the princes ahahah, who never wanted to be a princess?? Well imagined my face when I learned hot prince William was going to be married.. for real I didn't really care but when I saw who was the bride I said to myself dude she's gorgeous! I'm not the type of person who enjoy spying the lives of other people and I don't particularly enjoy reality shows (there's exceptions of course like ANTM ahah), but when people around me speak about the royal wedding I more than enjoy earring about it.
That Kate Middleton is just so beautiful! I totally understand why he picked her. But beside the love story and the wedding, I paid attention to the style of Miss Middleton. I know she needs to dress like a queen but she managed to have style actually. Trench coats, tailors, dresses, hats... I mean I'm a romantic girl so I can't resist about this happily ever after!
I chose some of her outfit but there's so many! Couldn't resist to put a picture with the prince, I think his hot, I love preppy boys :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lost Canadians In New York

Well hello everyone! As you all know I went to NY last week-end. OH MY, we had so much fun! We play the tourists and we're really good at it obviously! After three days in the Big Apple I totally understand the meaning of shop til you drop.. I don't think I went crazy like that while shopping in my life before! I bought so many things. We went at Victoria's Secret, Topshop, Forever 21, and many more. My friend almost cry when we found this fantastic jewelry in Soho, she was so funny to watch.
Of course we had to do our fashionistas but the temperature was quite beurk! I managed my way to have cute outfit but that can resist wind, rain, sun and walking! NY is just so great, I wish I lived there, one day I will!
In the little Italy. Much love to the Italian waiter who was so nice! Amazing food too, and of course I had to have a latté.
The classic Time Square with my girls :)
On our way to the Brooklyn bridge.
We went to the Intrepid and stop for taking pretty pictures. :)
Hum yes ahah. But you surely recognized Angelique from some older post!
Time Square again. More than 24 hours without sleeping, but still smiling :)
Much love :)

Central Park = love love love
With my girls in Central Park