Wednesday, 13 April 2011

God Save The Queen

Being an inhabitant of Canada means having a part of his heart in England. This part in my heart was for a long time dedicated to the princes ahahah, who never wanted to be a princess?? Well imagined my face when I learned hot prince William was going to be married.. for real I didn't really care but when I saw who was the bride I said to myself dude she's gorgeous! I'm not the type of person who enjoy spying the lives of other people and I don't particularly enjoy reality shows (there's exceptions of course like ANTM ahah), but when people around me speak about the royal wedding I more than enjoy earring about it.
That Kate Middleton is just so beautiful! I totally understand why he picked her. But beside the love story and the wedding, I paid attention to the style of Miss Middleton. I know she needs to dress like a queen but she managed to have style actually. Trench coats, tailors, dresses, hats... I mean I'm a romantic girl so I can't resist about this happily ever after!
I chose some of her outfit but there's so many! Couldn't resist to put a picture with the prince, I think his hot, I love preppy boys :)

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