Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lost Canadians In New York

Well hello everyone! As you all know I went to NY last week-end. OH MY, we had so much fun! We play the tourists and we're really good at it obviously! After three days in the Big Apple I totally understand the meaning of shop til you drop.. I don't think I went crazy like that while shopping in my life before! I bought so many things. We went at Victoria's Secret, Topshop, Forever 21, and many more. My friend almost cry when we found this fantastic jewelry in Soho, she was so funny to watch.
Of course we had to do our fashionistas but the temperature was quite beurk! I managed my way to have cute outfit but that can resist wind, rain, sun and walking! NY is just so great, I wish I lived there, one day I will!
In the little Italy. Much love to the Italian waiter who was so nice! Amazing food too, and of course I had to have a latté.
The classic Time Square with my girls :)
On our way to the Brooklyn bridge.
We went to the Intrepid and stop for taking pretty pictures. :)
Hum yes ahah. But you surely recognized Angelique from some older post!
Time Square again. More than 24 hours without sleeping, but still smiling :)
Much love :)

Central Park = love love love
With my girls in Central Park


  1. Fun photos! I hope you enjoyed NYC and felt welcomed! =)

  2. New York is sooo intimidating to me! Looks like you guys had a great time though! Someday I'll get brave enough to go there!



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