Monday, 4 April 2011

Fish and Bubble

Holà lovely people! Right now it's raining, raining and raining again, which means that we totally are in SPRING, and I'm very happy! But not only that but I'm going to New York this week-end, and I'm really excited!
Well, I still have 3 days of school and it's gonna to be torture! So I decided to do a homework strike for about 2 hours! Yes, I do have a big exam tomorrow and I'll have to do that Aide-Mémoire . So waiting for that exciting evening I went looking for collections and I think the green touch of Marc Jacobs caught my eyes.
I think it's a really interesting collection, I was feeling like in an aquarium. I don't know if it's because of the clothes or the general look of the runway. Probably both. ah. But yeah, I love the mix of the spots with imitation of tortoiseshell fish. He uses more like plastic fabrics and fabrics more luxurious like velvet. In fact the whole thing was very cool to watch. Here's a couple pictures!

I'm leaving Thursday for the Big Apple, you can expect many pictures!
And there's this other thing! Just go on this site and vote for my project it's well explained and it would help a lot! THANKS!!!!!!

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  1. j'ai voté Élyzou d'amour ! surtout quand jai vu les belles photos prise avec beaucoup de talent :P ( yen a genre 3 qui sont flous lol ) de : Fran


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