Monday, 29 October 2012

Trick Or Treat

Hi spooky creatures of the underworld!!
Halloween is so close and I'm thrilled (listening to Thriller while writing this yeah)! I know sometimes it's hard to find a great costume but I firmly think you don't always have to have a good one as long as your costumed. My butterfly/fairy/hippie kind of costume wasn't very cool or original but having so many glitters on my face made the whole thing okay ahah.
I had a party at my place last Saturday night for both Halloween and my birthday that was last Thursday (I turned 19 bloody hell!!) and it was super fun. Everybody got dressed up and we danced, laughed and did our own kind of  "photo booth" where we used other accessories to take pictures. It was honestly the best part. I think everybody enjoyed it, even if all my friends are going to kill me cause I put the pictures on my blog. Oups. Among my very creative friend you could find a cowboy, many pirates, a pin up, a very attractive spider man ahah and many more.
My tops of the night: Gagnam style PSY and The Marvellous Grape! Little note to Clark Kent too!
So whether you're a princess or Honey Boo Boo child, just rock it and have fun :)
So trick and treat my friends :)
Happy Halloween!!!!!!! :D

p.s. Hope you're all safe even with that Frenkenstorm!!!

Oh God I look retarded but I love so much this picture and my hippie glasses!
Clark Kent and PSY
The "Take a bite I'm Juicy" super cool Grape :)

Enjoy this Halloween mix made by Rookie Mag on 8tracks, it brings the spirit!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013

 Hi lovelies!! I'm back, I celebrated my birthday with my family and I'm getting ready for my big birthday/Halloween party with my friends tomorrow night!
I've been talking to you a lot about Ottawa Fashion Week in the last few posts and now it's the time to release the magic and golden sparkles all over the place!
Day 1: We first arrived on Friday, my favorite fashion accomplice Angelique and I, to Preston Boulevard in Ottawa renamed Fashion Boulevard for the occasion. Street closed, big tent, red carpet and stuff. Big thing for Ottawa. So we arrived and entered the place, high heels and hot-girl disguises on, took our media passes, and attend to our wonderful seats, second row that became first row that night. We had some time to talk with lovely people, talked fashion, mingled, fun time you know :) And then the real magic began! The runway was on fire. Ottawa being quite new on the fashion scene my expectations were not that high, but I was REALLY happy. Designers with great things to offer, nice collections, sometimes not tout-à-fait for spring or summer but still very nice. And between the shows we took time to meet more people and froze our asses off walking between tents outside. Day 1 was great and we left even more excited for day 2!
Day 2: It's so cold!! You can't even imagined! But being so well aware that we will be entering a place where fashion is queen we put our very best heels on and got ready for the cold October rain. This time we were really excited because it was suppose to have big shows that night (Y.D.N.A). And we entered the magical world of OFW for a second night. Before the shows we enjoyed our media passes and took champagne and Hor d'Oeuvres. Then we took our seats, second row that night and no flash photography allowed which resulted on me having only pictures of day 1. That night Angelique had to do an interview (she's a student in journalism) with a designer, Lise Marie Cayer of Voyou. I have to say I was really helpful with the questions (je t'aime giloupopidou hehe) and we met the girl. She was one of the nicest people I met during those few days, she's was interesting and really happy to give us an interview, well I just held the recorder ahah. I had the chance to talk to her a little and she was lovely, go check her collection it's great! After that we enjoyed once more our media passes and ate as many shrimps and spinach things we could, because we didn't eat a thing since lunch. After that the last designers wowed us! At this point we were really tired and waited till Y.D.N.A. Best runway I've ever seen live in my life. The whole thing started with guys half-naked (awfully a good start isn't it?) with black leather underwear, really dramatic. And then they followed the ladies with killer clothes around the runway with umbrellas raining golden glitters. It was AMAZING. He got a stand-up ovation of course. After that we took a lovely picture of our best friends of the week our heels in the glitter all over the runway. Then we went outside freezing and running to the car! It was absolutely fantastic ahah.
I unfortunately missed the last day, to much homework (it happens sometimes). But Angelique and I had a blast and are really excited about the next edition! It all ends with me being really sick because I ran around in the rain with no coat, scarf or things like that!
You have loads of pictures if you want to check it out! The last ones are Y.D.N.A's not mine! I hope you enjoyed that long post guys, next time you'll probably see me in my Halloween costume!! Have a wonderful weekend!

 Lovely ladies front row
 Angelique and I. Unfortunately it's the only picture of myself of the whole event!
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Lolitta Dandoy, I kind of feel like a stalker. She's big in Quebec.
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Christian Chenail
 Geneviève Lima, the Miami inspired collection
 Geneviève Lima
 Korto Momolu
Korto Momolu 
 Korto Momolu
 Korto Momolu
 Vivi by Geneviève Couture
 Korto Momolu
Angelique being really cute in the VIP section. 
Glitter on the floor!!!!!
Next pictures are Y.D.N.A

Friday, 19 October 2012

Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.

Hiiiiiii guys!
Hope you had a wonderful week! I know I told you I didn't have time to post, but I made some!
I still haven't found my stupid camera cable and it kills me cause I want to share with you OFW so much. SO instead I went for one of my favorite style icon. Ginger Rogers. Love the 30's. Great music, fashion and of course DANCE. Did a little set on polyvore and I'm sharing with you some of my favorite pictures of her, some are with Fred Astaire (ring a bell?). You'll may be see one that look familiar, it sure is very much with me :) End that post with joy and watch them dance!
Hope you'll have a delightful weekend lovelies!
Take care!

Ginger Rogers Style

Banner much?? :) Of course!

Look how wonderful they are....!!

Title quote by Samuel Beckett