Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Anniversary + 100th post!

Hi guys!
Quick post, I really need to study ahah! 
Today it's the second anniversary of this blog and my 100th post! Time flies! It has been a wonderful journey since day one. I'm glad I decided to start blogging, feels good. Thanks to all the wonderful person who left comments, followed, or just took the time to read things I had to say, even if sometimes it's not even interesting! I hope I'll still be here next year to share with you more fantastic fashion moments!
I'll be posting about Ottawa Fashion Week really soon, I just need to find my camera cable, it seems like my brother lost it...
The surprise is almost ready, I'll talk to you about it next week, for my real birthday! Hope you'll have a wonderful week :)
And once again THANK YOU :)

Imagine Dragons - It's Time


  1. Yay congrats on the second anniversary of blogging!


  2. love the pic from the top

  3. I love that song! Thanks for the sweet comment, following each other would be lovely! Come follow me @ and I'll follow back!
    Georgia x


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