Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Benefits of Science On My Life

Even if procrastinate maybe my new favorite word when it comes to studying I have to say that being a student in a science program taught me a lot of things about life. Sure it's good to know algebra and the difference between two types of rock, but it sure did show me that basic things are always linked with some scientific stuff. So here's the list of things I definitely learned.

1. Gravity. Yes when you drop your cell phone it does go to the ground. Indeed. I used to say that gravity was playing against me. I don't know why, but stuff always seems to fall when I'm around. And that includes my person.
2. Food. That biology class was REALLY helpful. I'm sure you're all crazy about mitosis and all, but I actually learned about what I was eating. I can know take any pack of food and know how fat I'm going to be next month, it's crazy believe me.
3. Cosmetics. That goes in the I'm-not-sure-I-wanted-to-know-after-all pile. You know all the incomprehensible words on the back of your facial cream or your shampoo, well sometimes you don't want to know that you're actually putting petroleum on your face.
4. Gravity part 2 with water. Any electronic devices dropped in some watery substance hardly survive. Your only chance is probably your best friend at the moment Sir Bag of Rice. Thank you again gravity. Such a great friend.
5. Coffee. Your very best friend when comes the long hours of studying before exams. You can even take off coffee stains with hot water and egg yolk. You're welcome.
6. Fashion. Often science gives the best ideas for designs. I've seen so many in my young life and I truly think it's not the end.

From the movie Up! Just cause it would be so cool to do.
Dali meets Einstein. AND BAM

From 21 Jumpstreet. So fuuuuuuunny. Almost died of laughter

Hope you've enjoy that scienfic post!! I'm getting ready for Ottawa Fashion Week that is coming super soon, so that surprise I was talking to you about will have to wait a little, but don't worry it's still on! And welcome to my all new followers, it's great to have you :) Thank you!!!

Alexander McQueen SS 2013. I see geometry everywhere, but still, wow a-m-a-z-i-n-g!


  1. this was really interesting! love all the images especially the cat one and the bits on fashion at the end! have fun at that fashion week :) xx

  2. great post!beautiful.
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  3. Hi lovely! Loving all your creative pictures. Great blog you have!

    Thank you for visiting mine :) I'm also following you back.

    Kim xx

  4. This post is so much fun! I actually didn't know that trick to getting rid of coffee stains, glad I do now!

  5. just followed you back!keep in touch :)

  6. Great post!!!


  7. Such a fun post! Your blog is fantastic, dear! So excited to be your newest follower! xx

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  8. lovely pictures ;)

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