Friday, 24 February 2012

Outfit inspo: Fire and Grass

Sup fire shoes and grass coat????
Don't you want those shoes and lay on that coat? I do. Looks like some forest on the pants too. God I love street style!

Pictures: Vogue from Milan Fashion Week

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Discover: Denis Gagnon A/W 2011

Hello everybody!
I don't know for you but for me it smeels like spring and a lot batard!
I hope you had a lovely week! Right now it very shaky at school, we're voting on Monday for a general strike againt rising tuition in our province. Thinking about that I realised that I hadn't talked about any designers, models or bloggers I liked coming from Quebec, NEVER, at least I think... THAT'S A FREAKING SHAME!! There's so much talent and things to discover so I want to share with you the lookbook of one of my favorite designer québécois , Denis Gagnon. He's a genious, I love him. He's very avant-garde, he has something for leather-look fabrics and zippers, yes zippers. 

The pictures that follow are from his automn/winter 2011 collection, it's fantastic! Check out his website here! Hope you enjoy it! :)

P.S. is this me or the pictures are blurry?

Friday, 17 February 2012

Gotta Love Street Style

Hi guys!!
I hope you had the chance to go to New York Fashion Week, I wish I had! This week-end it's Ottawa Fashion Week, I can't go because I have a winter camping trip for my PE class wich totally kills me... I had the chance to go in the past and every edition it's becoming bigger and bigger. So to satisfate my appetite of style I picked some great street style from NYFW! I hope you enjoy it!

Pictures : Tommy Ton for aka the king of street style photograph if you ask me

Monday, 13 February 2012

Chill Me To The Bone

I hope it's not to cold where you live right, I've heard it's pretty intense in Europe! It's usually super cold where I live but right now it's juste very hot for this time of the year except for my school that is to freaking cold!
I went through the collections for automn and winter 2012 to give me some ideas to keep me warm and that one runway just screemed at me if I may say. I just want to be next automn so I can dress like that it's amazing. Rag&Bone is one of my favorite label I love it. I hope you'll like as much as I did!

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vday Stuff

Hi lovely readers!
Sorry for being anywhere else than here, I went back to school and it was not easy let me tell you!
Enough with the apologies, let's talk about what's coming next week: the big red, pink, heart-shaped and fluffy thing called Valentine's Day!
I know that for you single girls or guys like me it may seem like an occasion for shops to just do money on our backs because poeple buy things that will never be used (oh yeah I'm talking about you Teddy bear number 24), but anyways I kind of like the overwhelming vibe coming from all the lovers, and let's be honest it's the perfect occasion to watch bad romance movies or listen to cheesy love songs and that's where I'm going to help you lonely heart! I made a selection of movies that you can watch alone and cry, but still they are GOOD. PLUS I picked some love songs that are not cheesy (most of them.. I had to make exceptions. Sorry) and that you may be would like to listen all-year long, win! PLUS I went on fabulous and went through the Couture collections for spring, amazingness is the right word I think (is that even a word?), I picked the best rouge et rose dresses or the fluffly and romantic ones so you can have a look!
I hope you'll enjoy those Valentine's Day choices and if you have any suggestions, I totally want to hear, I do have to find something to do after all ;)

West Side Story. Classic you guys.
The Notebook. (I know, don't even say it)
A Walk in The Cloud. Beautiful to watch and not only for the guy.
Moulin Rouge. Everytime I watch this movie I cry like a baby. (If you, like me, love musicals you have to see it, believe me.)
When Harry Met Sally. YES
Pretty Woman. A MUST SEE
Just Friends. So freaking funny (P.S. it happens in Christmas... Still it's very good)
There's Something More About Mary. Gotta love Cameron Diaz.
Cyrano de Bergerac. It's in French, based from the book. One of the greatest love story ever written. Rent it watch it in French with the subtitles you want to hear Depardieu's voice.

Because You Loved Me. Celine Dion is from Quebec, where I live so I have to put a song from her even if it's so cheesy.
Tonight. West Side Story is a classic I told you, this is the most romantic song.
Love Me Tender. One word: Elvis. Enough said.
Your Song. Elton John can write me a song whenever he wants.
Total Eclipse of the Heart. Cheesy I know. (by Bonnie Tyler)
Silly Love Songs. Wings said it all in the title. Still a love song though.
Happy Together. Good stuff believe me. (by The Turtles)
Endless Love. ULTIMATE CHEESY thanks to Diana Ross & Lionel Richie.
Wouldn't It Be Nice. I loooooove The Beach Boys!
Wonderwall. Someone told me that she will have her first dance at her wedding on Oasis, why not?
Hey There Delilah. Thank you Plain White T's.
And I Love Her & Something. The Beatles, gosh thank you for this wonderful music.

 Alexis Mabille, vibrant colors all the way, love the big flower!
 Christian Dior, always a favorite, this collection blew me away..

 Elie Saab. Gosh. Gorgeous?? YESSSS the whole collection was remarkable and would have deserve a place on the fluffly and pretty for Valentine's Day, but I had to choose.

 Elie Saab made a big statement with this final gown. Talk about a royal wedding on Valentine's Dress? That's the one for sure. I would totally get married in the one.
Va-Va-Voom at Versace and a little more girly at Valentino.