Monday, 13 February 2012

Chill Me To The Bone

I hope it's not to cold where you live right, I've heard it's pretty intense in Europe! It's usually super cold where I live but right now it's juste very hot for this time of the year except for my school that is to freaking cold!
I went through the collections for automn and winter 2012 to give me some ideas to keep me warm and that one runway just screemed at me if I may say. I just want to be next automn so I can dress like that it's amazing. Rag&Bone is one of my favorite label I love it. I hope you'll like as much as I did!

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Rag&Bone A/W 2012


  1. Wow Rag&Bone really did a great job this year. Love the 2nd look!

  2. Hey elise! Thanks for your comment! yes we must follow each other! Am following you now! Your turn :)

  3. great posts!! love the styles!!
    feel free to check out mine and follow if you like!


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