Friday, 17 February 2012

Gotta Love Street Style

Hi guys!!
I hope you had the chance to go to New York Fashion Week, I wish I had! This week-end it's Ottawa Fashion Week, I can't go because I have a winter camping trip for my PE class wich totally kills me... I had the chance to go in the past and every edition it's becoming bigger and bigger. So to satisfate my appetite of style I picked some great street style from NYFW! I hope you enjoy it!

Pictures : Tommy Ton for aka the king of street style photograph if you ask me


  1. loving these gorgeous street style photos...#1 is my fave :-)

  2. Bonjour Elyse, merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire! I am so happy you like and follow my blog! You're right, NYC is the best! ;) Wait for the summer posts, there are such great places in the city to go to when it's hot out! I also love and follow your blog now. The shots of the NYC fashion week styles are fantastic! Love them all! xo from the Big Apple!

  3. Elyse! thankyou for your comment, so glad that you look at and love the blog, it does make it worthwile when i read your lovely comments, i have reblogged some photos from this post infact. anyway thankyou!

  4. Hey Elyse! Thank you for you comment on my blog! Demoiselleatomique is great! Congrats :)

    Naomi from

  5. Thanks! <3
    The shots of street style are amazing!


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