Monday, 24 September 2012

Those Rainy Days + Coming Soon...!

Hello guys!!
Hope you're going well!! I'm wonderful today cause it's not raining!! It's absolutely a miracle for the last couple of days we had. All my shoes and boots are flooded, wish I had a great (and fashionable) pair of rain boots!
That brings me to my post today, rain outfits! When you wake-up in the morning and the weather is just blaaah you don't want to put an outfit together, I'm speaking of experience here. BUT it's not a reason to wear those horrible grey jogging pants (merci oh chers Gateux de mon coeur). And if you have something planned you still want to rock it. Those are choices to still be comfy and fashion, and of course with those boots no need to worry about wet feet. Best thing ever! Hope you'll enjoy them!

I have something very exciting for you guys coming soon to celebrate my 2 years anniversary of this baby blog (2 years wow already?), it's something I've never done before, and I hope it will work, cause it's magical :) Can't wait to share it with you, so stay around and may be within a week you'll have info about it!!

Those Rainy Days

Those Rainy Days par demoiselleatomique utilisant bottes plate-forme

Day Version
1.Chiffon Bow Top
2. Jill Sander Magritte hooded woolfelt jacket
3. Jas MB Bomber W Backpack
4. Lara Printed 7/8th Pant
5. Hunter Original Tall Wellington boots

Night Version
6. Burberry-Brit Double-breasted wool-blend coat
7. Jason Wu Sleevless combo Shirt
8. Givenchy Zipper Rain Boots
9. Mandco Trouser
10. Anya Hindmarch Tote


  1. I love both of them <3

  2. Two years! Wow, that is impressive! It's been rainy here as well - the sign of fall, for sure! Love these pieces, especially that first top!

  3. Congrats on the 2 years gorgeous! Here's hoping the rain stays clear a few more days for you!


  4. Love the color combos of all of these.

  5. Great post and you have a lovely blog.
    I followed gfc and bloglovin #8. Thanks for following me and hope you stay in touch. :)


  6. oh that burberry coat... need!

    sweetie, i recently created a facebook page, so pop up by when you get a chance and like if you like :)


  7. This is really cute! I get a lot of rain where I am in the Fall, and it's so hard to dress for!

    xo Rachel

  8. i can take coat

  9. I love how you made such a cute nighttime look for rainboots. We never see, but who wants their feet wet at night either???
    Haha, cute blog, following!
    xo Annie

  10. Great outfits - perfect for a rainy day! Love the greay trench in particular! and congrats on your upcoming 2 year blogiversary!

  11. Great choices! I love this black and white top!
    Love, Angelina.

  12. great outfits perfect for autumn!! great blogg!!! Maybe we follow each other ? Let me know if you like my blog too ;-) Greetings from germany

  13. Wow almost 2 years :) Congrats ! :)

    Cool blog ;)

    Would be great if we followed each other, don't you think so ? :)


  14. Thank you for the lovely comment sweetheart :*

    I follow you now ;)


  15. Hi honey...nice blog! I´m following you now. Hope you will follow me too!

  16. Thanks for your lovely comment! Nice blog! :) now, I follow you!

  17. It's been a wet week here, too. Thanks for the inspiration!
    xo Annie

  18. lovely! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!


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