Saturday, 5 March 2011

Take A Bow

Paris Fashion Week, all eyes were on the Dior house. After all the commotion after the Galliano thing all the fashion world is wondering what is going to happen with this label. It's sad because Dior was one of my favorite label, and I loved Galliano's work, but I don't think that what he said was right.
Well, everyone was anticipating this show. Dior is known for his extravagant hair and makeup, but it was rather solonel. Before the show, the CEO of Dior made a long speech in French about the values of the house. And the show began. It was acclaimed by everybody, not only because the clothes were very beautiful, but to give an hommage to the label. It ended with the whole atelier coming on stage. Stand up ovation.
Many experts think it's the end of Dior, I hope it's not. I left you with some looks of the show, enjoy it like it was the last, as it may be.

The wonderful Karlie Kloss opened the show in a very dramatic way.

The Dior atelier. I'm bowing at you all.

More info and pictures here.


  1. stunning collection!:)
    the first pictures are the best, and i love how make up matches the outfit in last pictures.

    Saule Seen x

  2. Great collection! The 5th shot down is my favorite. I love the mix of burgundy & green that pops up a few times here. ~ Michal

    PS Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. Love that the Atelier was the one to show up at the end.

  4. an amazing collection indeed!
    I loved it.

  5. i absolutely loved this collection! i'd say it was one of my favorites of the season


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