Saturday, 26 February 2011

We Love Playing Outside

Hello guys!
I'm happy today because it's March Break!! Well, for our part of Canada (Québec). I really need this break, and it's great because I'm going to see my family in Sherbrooke ,which is like 15 minutes from Vermont. It will be the time for me to play outside and to spend more time with my friends.
Rideau Canal Skateway, it's the world largest skating ring. It's 15 minutes from my house. I'll spend some time there with my friends for sure, I'll drink hot chocolate and eat Beaver Tails (it's not real beavers...)!
I'll go skiing with my brother to Orford, it's really beautiful.

The two others pictures are just beautiful pictures from For the London picture, it's because it's one of my dream to see London, and I thought this photo was really great.

P.S. Hope you all loved Angélique's post, she'll write more some time :)

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  1. this seems great! I'm so happy for you! have an amazing time!


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