Friday, 4 February 2011

Green Velvet

I don't know what I was doing with my face ahah.
(Dress : Thrift - Shoes : Thrift - Belt : Thrift - Tights : Joe Fresh)

Today, I had a huge chemistry exam, of course I had to fail it! So to cheer me up I bought a cappucino and a cute green velvet dress :) It was a total bargain, I love buying things which cost me under 10 bucks. I was looking for one for a while and I'm really happy with it.
I'm not the usual shape of the bloggers, I'm more like athletic, thanks to swimming and volleyball, so I'm really happy to find one that fits me quite well :)
I wish you all a great week-end, for me it's a 3 days week-end, that means no school on monday :)

P.S. I voted fo the title of blogger of the year on and I voted for Another Day to Dress Up, I think she deserves it. Check out her blog it's really great!


  1. Thanks so much for your support I really appreciate it!

  2. cute dress! i love velvet. and i really like your header image as well : )

  3. lovely dress! I'm ex-volleyball player, it was so fun!! I changed it to fitness boxing, that's my sport! :D


  4. All my favorite things are from thrift stores!
    cute dress


  5. love the velvet dress! :)


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