Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bad Girl

What a BAD BAD BAD blogger I've been lately! I totally lost track of time and I've been so busy ,and I still am, that I didn't post anything! And I'm soooooooo sorry :(

So I decided to show you that I still think of fashion even if I do not write anything here, which I'll try very hard will be rare. I went last Saturday to Ottawa Fashion Week for the third time in my life. I went with two friends, one who also appear to have a blog, and another one who attended Fashion Week for her first time. I was so much fun! Even if we had to pay 40 bucks to see the back of the head of some important VIP's. We managed to see everything and the 40$ was worth it. We also saw a friend who was modelling. She did three runways out of 6 and she was really good, I wish her good luck to Milan :)
Anyway we had fun playing fashionistas (even if you Chu don't want to dress like a Anna Dello Russo I know you love to dress up!) and watched beautiful persons to wear beautiful clothes.

Jess and myself (stolen from Chuck N.)

Emily and Anastasia, Adrian Wu, Rachel Sin (my friend is the one with the golden jacket), Nu!

I wish I had the chance to see Adrian Wu which was Sunday night I saw the pictures and it looked incredible! The three others we probably my favorite designers of the night with ElizBourk.
You know I have loads of problems with my camera, but before leaving for the event I realise I had no camera that my mom was gone with it to some other village far away in some lost region in Québec, I mean great. So the pictures are not from me but from other photographers who were there, which is quite a good thing because mine would have been horrible!
Hope you'll all have a nice week-end I'll post something very soon :)

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  1. Wowza XD What an oppurtunity(ies, since you've been three times)!
    That stripey dress is awesome. It reminds me of couch cushions. Does anyone else see that?


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