Tuesday, 12 July 2011

So Far Away

Well hello lovely followers :)
I know I've been quite absent these days but I was so jet lag that I didn't even thought of blogging, but now I'm sure back for new posts!!
So the reason I've been jet lag is that I left for the summer for Victoria, British-Colombia for a student exchange .
It's so nice to do something different I can't even tell you! I'm here because I wanted to travel and practise my English and I'm better ahah. But the best part is that I can visit a beautiful and wonderful city. For shopping there's not a lot of big store but it's the kingdom of thrift stores and vintage shop which is absolutely magic ahah :) I will show you some photos soon promise :) For now I will show you some pictures, I have very little cause I don't like to play the tourist very much, and I will post some outfit soon cause it's been a long time since the last one!

I wish you guys a great summer and enjoy it !!! :)

Inner Harbour
In the bus, yeah I know not very fashionable ahah.

The Legislature, absolutely stunning.

Sophie and I playing the silly girls ahah.

Inner Harbour


  1. enfin j'attendais des news de ma ptite élyzou d'amour !!! me rammènerais- tu un beau ptit bijoux pas cher d'un thrift shop de victoria !! ? xoxoxo je taime beauté

  2. Gorgeous pictures! It's great to go overseas to practice a language, you're doing great! I hate jet lag too. xoxo, Veena <3



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