Thursday, 3 May 2012

What The Strike Actually Taught Me

Hello guys I hope you're enjoying your week so far!! Today is quite a special post, out of the fashion world (well I'll try hehe)! You know that a few weeks ago my school went on strike against the raising of the tuitions fees like many other. It's been quite a thing. Thousands of students (180 000 I think), teachers and other supporters went in the street and strike like hell. Load of violence was involve and it's still a dead-end. So some students at my school that wanted to go back (let's say we're on strike since the 12th of March) follow the lead of other schools and issued an injunction. It's been two days and classes have been cancelled. I think it sends a message but it's confused... But this being said this strike taught some things and this is my list!!

I did a playlist with 8tracks of songs of revolution (some are in French) and I added a couple of pictures of what's going on!!!


1. Red goes with EVERYTHING. 
2. People can be really creative with their signs, songs, costumes and everything. I've seen craaaaazy stuff.
3. Not going to school made me do very productive things, like watch the first 2 seasons of Gossip Girl and like 20 movies.
4. The rest of the planet can now spot Quebec and Montreal on a map. At least I think...

5. Manifest during rain = big bad cold.
6. Voice dubbing on Harry Potter about the strike is so freaking funny.
7. Strike improves your social life but screw your hours of sleep. Badly.
8. The government AND the students are BOTH so stubborn.
9. Twitter can ACTUALLY be usefull.
10. 8tracks is soooooo much fun!
11. Doing songs about the strike is definitetly a social suicide.
12. Violence does not solve all the problems.
13. After almost 2 months you don't remember a thing about your classes, and that's why I'll probably fail.
14. There's great music about revolution. (It's worth the playlist below.)
15. I'm proud to be apart of such a grandiose thing. I love where I live and even if I don't always agree with both opinions I think it's wonderful to see people fighting for a good thing. Something that can make a better world.

Seeing red, WTF tuition fees raise, red with our association (CLASSE) leader, unknown, the big head of our PM, unknown, the big walk where 250 000 people went.

I hope you enjoy this not fashionable post!! Listen to the playlist!!

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  1. Great post, this is such an interesting occurrence! Strikes and protests don't happen in Singapore - it's illegal :( Loving the mix, too! xoxo, Veena
    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole


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