Monday, 9 July 2012

One Little Boat

Heeeey guys!! I don't know for you but my summer has been so busy I don't even have time to post here and I'm really sad about it!! Just a little quick post to show you my inspiration of the moment which happens to be one of the things I like to do on vacation. BOAT. Just the feeling of freedom and the wind in my hair is enough for me. You also have my summer's playlist, well part of it cause everyday it changes, enjoy :)

When I found that picture a bell rang in my head. I know this movie but I can't seem to remember the title, help anyone??


  1. those pics are just amazing! and so inspiring!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
    see you around!

  2. thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back! xx

  3. Hey there! Love your cute blog! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to come follow back maybe and enter a fabulous $175 CHI giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!


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