Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Before Night Falls

Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well! November is almost over which means December is near and Christmas too! You all know how much I love this Holiday, it's my favorite by far! But before that we all have to finish this month and in my case it's the end of the semester, which means I'm overwhelmed by homework, projects, exams and lack of sleep. And now that it's getting dark at 5 pm I'm always coming home after a school day in total darkness. Hourray. So let me say that I was pretty much inspired by darkness for this post today.
Around this time of the year I seem to only dress with the same 3 sweaters I own because I'm to lazy to try to put a great outfit together. It's cold outside, but there's not enough snow to wear boots, it's frustrating. So I did an outfit for school/ Christmas shopping (!) that I truly wish I could wear today. And since I'm always coming home at like night, I put together some great songs and did a dark-night-dream-space themed playlist to help me get through the bus ride home.
I hope you'll enjoy the rest of November, and welcome December with open arms! HAVE A GREAT WEEK LOVELIES :D

Before Night Falls

Jumper sweater, 110 CAD / Fat Face , 130 CAD / Ted Baker metallic skinny jeans, 165 CAD / Dollhouse bottes en similicuir, 45 CAD / Victoria's Secret backpack bag, 39 CAD / Anne Klein leather strap watch, 55 CAD / Lipsy gold chain bracelet, 22 CAD / French Connection mitten glove, 57 CAD / Jane Norman oversized hat, 19 CAD


  1. Good luck with all of your schoolwork! I feel your pain!

    xo Sam

    DIY Huntress

  2. Such a great Choice dear <3
    X the Cookies


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