Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Power Of The Brothers

Well hello hello!!
Seems like ages since I wrote anything here! 
I've been busy more than I thought I would even with the strike, well that's life!
I have a lot of lovely events that are coming in April and I'm really excited about them, I'll try to put some pictures here when the time comes.
But right now Spring is here and it's very rainy as it's suppose to so I'm not complaining cause it means sun is very close and that's the best thing I can ask for! When Spring usually comes everybody clean everything like mad people, which I can't seem to find the strength to do, even with my clothes! I wish I could by a lot of new things from designers I love but I can't (where all those wonderful bloggers find all the money? That's a mystery if you ask me ahah). So I found the perfect thing : Dsquared2. The Canadian twins had the answer for me.. I wanted something different that I can take tips from and add something different to my style for spring, and the grunge, hippy, rock and roll looks that they presented seem all indicated for me! I absolutely love Dan and Dean's collection I think it's different and very creative. All the styles are well mixed from the leather jacket, to the fluffly skirt, with a pair of neon sunglasses, to the US scarf, I mean I have a looooooot of ideas!
I know it's not the usual collections I present but it so so so so cool and I could't resist! :)
I hope you're enjoying everything that's happening in your life, but sometimes shaking things up is a really good thing!
Have a wonderful day, looooove you :)

P.S after those pictures I kind of want an Heineken, don't you? :)

 The jacket, the boots, the hat, the socks, the top, everythings is so great, wow.

 I feel in love with that bathing suit it's amazing!

 Anais Pouliot a Canadian model from Quebec, I love her, check her out :)

 I love male models ahah
 Perfect. Enough said.
Dan and Dean presenting their Spring 2012 rtw collection, thumbs uuuuuuuup!


  1. cute!!!


  2. Hehe, I love them running out at the end of their show carries bottles of beer. They are simply to die for. xx

  3. so inspiring, indeed.
    I want to make a fire, play music and drink cold beer during sunset ^^


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