Thursday, 4 November 2010

That Day We Killed a Werewolf.

Who doesn't love Halloween? It's so great! At school we have like half a uniform ,which is very stupid if you ask me, so when that day arrives we try to make the best costume. This year we decided, me and 6 of me friends to make the best costume. We decided to be the caracters of Clue the board game. We had so much fun and we actually won the third place of the costumes contest of the school. So here's a picture of us in our math class.

Our friend Julien play the part of the victim, he's very good at it.

This is me and my friend Eliane who was a very cute lion.

From left to right:
Angélique as Mrs White
Jessica as Mrs Peacock
Laurence as Professor Plum
Myself as Miss Scarlette
Marie-Josée as Mr.Green
Michelle as Colonel Mustard

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