Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Christmas in Paris Will Be Green

Tomorrow it will be the month of December. For me it means a lot. It means Christmas and Christmas Holidays, it means shopping for gifts and for me (Hooray for Boxing Day), it means that I'll spent time with my family and my friends (a lot of fiestas), and it means snow. Yes S.N.O.W. I know that in the part of Canada where I live, we get a lot of snow, but it's always the same thing with me. Every year in December I wish for snow, snow and snow. More snow for Christmas and all the activities that comes with it, but back in the student's life I only want one thing, summer ahah. Go me! But still, before I start my intense period of me listening to corny Christmas music and watching all the Christmas movies possible (I usually wait for December the first for that) I wanted to do my wishlist to prepare myself. Actually, it's longer than that, but it seems that green inspired me today so green it was.

My Christmas in Paris Will Be Green

So here's my wishlist :)
Going to Paris - I've only been to Europe once and I've never been to France and I KNOW it's calling me every day ahah. But still I want to see les grands couturiers, and I want to shop till I die, no kidding here, well maybe a little.
Shoes and Sweater by Anthropologie - I LOVE that shop. There's a lot of different things and styles. But I chose this shop because there's none near where I live (Bloody Canada), but believe me I'll buy every thing when I'll go in Ney York next spring.
Dress by Topshop - Because I felt green today ( in a fashion sense) I chose this gorgeous dress from Topshop, where I can't go, again (Thanks Canada), so green and beautiful it was.
And more snow - Because Christmas without snow would not be Christmas.

Here's a couple more thing I'd like to have :)
Heels from Topshop, long love story between us.

Brown. Who doesn't love brown?? Well I do, so I want this blouse! Topshop again.

Dropdead gorgeous coat. Topshop.

Classy but cute dress from Topshop.

So I wish you'll enjoy your month of December!
What's on YOUR wishlist?? Remember be nice or Father Christmas will not bring what you want.

p.s. tonight it's the presentation of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. SO STOCKED! Hell yeah!
Good night everyone!

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  1. I love the fashion inspiration above and below. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have fun in Paris and drop by me too when you have time.



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