Saturday, 5 November 2011

Week's Playlist Numero Uno : My Life as a Movie

Dear lovely person out of 7 billions (I know we are a LOT of people on this planet..),
on this wonderful Saturday night I decided to intruduce my first weekly post! I think it's time to have some kind of concept around here and music is something that I love so why not go this way?
I got inspired for this one by Rookie, you know the online magazine made for teenage girls (or more older girls) by Tavi Gevinson, well they did those playlists inspired from movies or very interesting persons and I thought it was a very good idea so I kind of borrowed it.
To make it more my own I'll go more in the bands inspiration or moment of the year or just my mood. But before that I thought that you need to know a bit about what I'm listening in general which is I must say very weird and eclectic ahah. Anyways it's called my life as a movie. Basically you just hit random on your Itunes and you write down the song for every part of the movie, it's actually quite funny. So here's my life as a movie!
P.S I took this on a little girl's blog ahahah so some scenes are weird and in general it's a very bizarre movie but it was fun to do!

Opening Credits : Let's Reggae All Night - CSS
Wake Up : Fight Song - The Republic Tigers
First Love : Show Off - The Drowsy Chaperone Soundtrack
First Kiss : I'll Be - Edwin McCain
Fight Scene: Horseshoes and Handgrenades - Green Day
Brake Up :Exogenenis: Symphony Part 2 - Muse
Moment of Sadness: Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
Reunion : Half Light 1 - Arcade Fire
Sex Scene : Please Please Me - The Beatles
Everything's Alright : Hands Up - Hedley
Mental Drama : 42 - Coldplay
Investigation : St-Jimmy - Green Day
Car Scene : There She Goes - The La's
Flashbacks : Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
Party : Pencil Full of Lead - Paolo Nutini
Cheating : Call It Karma - Silverstein
Regrets : Drops of Jupiter - Trains
Final Battle : Piano Concerto No.21 in C Major - Mozart (if you ask me I think it would be a pretty epic battle scene with this song and the action in slow motion ahah.)
Death Scene : Hummingbird Heartbeat - Katy Perry
Funerals : California Dreamin - The Mamas and Papas
Life Goes On : Real World - The All-American Rejects
New Meeting : We Go Together - Grease Soundtrack
End Credits : Not Like the Movies - Katy Perry

If you click on the song's title it'll bring you to the youtube video, enjoy discovering new music :)

Have an happy rest of the week :)

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