Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Where Am I?

Today during a little pause from studying I decided to show you a little bit what I was doing for a couple of weeks. So here's a part of my month in pictures :)

Big events of the month:
- I turned 18
- Following the idea of the precedent thing I had a big party at my house
- I worked at an environmental festival
- I studied, wiiiiin ahah
- HALLOWEEN :) (I was dressed as a cowgirl, I don't have pictures I wish I do though.)

 Bday party!
 Bday party!
 Real Mr. Potato Head, I mean with veggies... So cuuute (environmental festival)
 I'm 81 now, thanks dad :)
 Try 18!
 Biology = death
 Today, smile :)
Bébé camera :) (No more crappy pictures! yeaaaah)
 Kitty cat  aka Graine de soleil
Happy Halloween guys (I know I'm late..)

Now on the spirit of November who is opting for the mustache?? Go Movember :)

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  1. elyzou ta une nouvelle camera c cool !!!!! on va se faire un photoshoot !:P ye taime !


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