Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beautiful Castle

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is the back to school day! Sniff!! But before that sad day I decided I wanted to post something, I thought may be an outfit post but I fell on this, and I decided that the next post will be an outfit post because this photo shot was meant to be seen! I mean come on, who doesn't want to go to Tuscan now nobody I'm sure. But yeah the pictures are all from VOGUE and were taken by Mario Testino.

My favorite. This girl is gorgeous. I love the way the shadows look like in this pictures and she totally smize (thanks Tyra for all this vocabulary!)

Well, I don't understand how this man can cook while he has a beautiful woman standing a couple of feet away from him half naked...
It's beautiful, the dress and the landscape.

I love what she's wearing. I wish I had a body to wear that kind of thing..

Beautiful Italy
I love the editorials in Vogue!
Next post - outfit post I promise!!


  1. i love how dresses flow beautifully while a model is running.

  2. I love the white outfit with the black straps in the middle... beautiful scenery too!
    VPV Intern

  3. The 4th is gorgeous!!!!! Love it!!!!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!


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