Thursday, 20 January 2011

Blue January

(Skirt : Simmons - Shoes : Winners - Jacket : Joe Fresh Style - Shirt : Winners)
Well hello guys,
I'm doing this quick little post between two school projects. Let's just say that it's quite difficult to concentrate, actually it's impossible.
I choose to take those pictures in the family study, just to show you what my night will look like, pretty fun isn't it?
About my outfit it's a little bit too cold for the temperature we have in our part of Canada for this time of the year, but I wanted to wear something different. I love my jacket, it was a total bargain and it makes me think of Chanel, something that look like knitwear. It's total comfort believe me. It's new and it's probably my favorite new purchase :)

Good night folks :)


  1. i've always wanted a giant bookshelf filled with books, jealous! :) i can definitely see chanel in your jacket :)



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