Saturday, 18 December 2010

Désirables et Extravagants

Well well well. For my last post I had an obvious thought about clothes from the past. But what about clothes from the future?? Mettalic and glittery (can I say that? Sorry for my English I'm French) are not the type of clothes I would normally wear but they intrigue me for sure. The wonderful Alexander McQueen was the master of futuristic fashion (I need to say that Sarah Burton did a fantastic job after McQueen's death!) and I needed to include some in my picks. So here are my favorite futuristic clothes.

Let's start with the dresses.
Christopher Kane
The two dresses above are the general look everyone thinks the future will look like. Metals, bright colours, and space paterns. The Christopher Kane one is my favorite I think.
Alexander McQueen
I think that the thing with the future is that we'll always do something that's from the past. Alexander McQueen is my master and those dresses are gorgeous, but they make me think of the Russian Empire which is kind in the past.

Je veux des chaussures du futur (VOGUE Paris)
I want some futuristic shoes.
Raphael Young
Nicholas Kirkwood
Yves Saint-Laurent
Those shoes are marvellous. Much love!

What do YOU think the future will look like?


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