Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Retro Vibes

Hello there. Today I'm feeling kind of excited, because we have less than a week of school before the Holidays and I'm very stocked! So to relax I watched a lot of Cruise collections for this summer. Even if I'm very excited for Christmas I kind of anticipate next summer. Every collections is more beautiful than the other, but today the retro vibes of the collection of Louis Vuitton attracted me. I love this collection, the pieces are things that I would wear, and I love the colours and the general looks. I wish I could wear yellow and beige, but it's really don't suit me! So here it is :)

I love the mix of the old and the classic style. The glasses are my favorite thing of the outfit, and the purse I love it, like almost all Louis Vuitton one's.
I love this dress, I think the 3D flowers are really cute.

This flowery sweater is something I would kill to have in my closet.
It's actually the only outfit of the collection that has pants.
It's this most chic dress of the collection, and I love this colour.
FAVORITE. Je veux cette robe! French always know best! (I know Marc Jacos is not French but still!)

To all those still at school like me, don't give up it's almost the Holidays :)


  1. thanks for your comment sweety!
    this is a very interesting post..
    great clothes!


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