Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I Want to Cover the World With Glitters

So, this week I watched Moulin Rouge once again, God I looove this movie it's so romantic. But this time I paid more attention to the costume which are totally gorgeous. I choose two from the movie, because I did not find pictures of my favorite. I love the corsets and the glitters that's why I picked them. When I was looking for those pictures, I thought of a couple of designers that I saw the collection a couple of years ago. The Blonds. Genius in the art of making the woman look gorgeous. I picked a couple of photos of their last collection Legends it's very cool, so here it is!

Moulin Rouge. The Green Fairy, and the gorgeous Nicole Kidman as Mademoiselle Satine. This costume was incredible I don't know how this woman did all this movie wearing such a thing! But still it's beautiful.
The Blonds. The glitters and glamour pros. I love the mix of the corset with the tutu I think it's quite interesting.

I love this jacket especially the colour.

For the hair. wow.

I think this one is my favorite. I would not wear it but I love to watch it ahah.

Thank you Kesha for covering the world of glitter it's way more funnier!


  1. The higher the hair, the closer to heave (:
    Ahaha love the big hair!


  2. love moulin rouge movie! i was so happy when i saw the actual moulin rouge in paris. but sadly i wasn't able to go watch anything there. =/

    thanks for the comments as always dear



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