Thursday, 2 December 2010

You're Crashing But You're No Wave

Just because I love Christmas it deserves another post on the same day. Earlier today I was coming back from school and I heard the first Christmas song off the year on the radio, I was so excited but yeah it remains a Christmas song ahah. So I started to think about things that I love like Christmas, and of course I thought fashion, but of other things completely off the track! So I choose pictures of things that I love, and things that inspired me from Christmas to nothing in particular.
So enjoy :)
The Grinch :) I love that Christmas movie. Probably my favorite (with 20 others). I love how the Who's are dress and who would not love miss Cindy-Lou Who? Who knew this sweet little girl would become so famous? I did she was great in that movie. I wish I could be able to maintain a cup of coffee on my head to.
I love the hair, the ribbon and the eyelashes.

Emma Watson. So gorgeous.(Have you seen her Burberry campaign? It's was incredible) One of my favorite actresses, and of course, I am a total fan of Harry Potter (I'm such a geek). Well she's very pretty, and I love what she's wearing on this picture and the mix of colours.
Clueless. Classic movie. It's a love story between us. Bravo for the Fendi bag, I love that brand, and I would totally wear that outfit. 100%

LIGHTS. She's a Canadian singer and I love her very much. I love the melody, her poetry and her musical sense. Her videos are very colorful and beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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